Michael Cammarata enterpreneur with a great influence

Why You Don’t Need to ‘Reinvent the Wheel’ to be an Entrepreneur

Schmidt’s is steadfast in its mission to make quality, plant-based products accessible to everyone. Michael Cammarata has expanded their product line to excite everyone in the family — from Kids Toothpaste to All Ages Deodorant. Now, at any age you can have access to quality, fun plant-based goods that work really well and smell really good. His company has also partnered with the Jane Goodall Institute for a special edition deodorant, Lily of the Valley. Now,they always strive to bring awareness to initiatives that they, and their customers are passionate about. Jane Goodall’s contributions to animal conservation and the environment are legendary — and through the special edition deodorant we are helping to spread that message to the masses.

The movement that Schmidt’s has already created is one that Michael is proud to be part of. every passionate consumers want to live a natural lifestyle that’s better for their overall health and wellness, and better for the planet. Michael Cammarata constantly and tirelessly working to bring consumers the next best in natural… whether that’s plant-based ingredients, cruelty-free technology, sustainable practices, etc. And, now his company is working towards scaling rapidly around the world to provide even more access to their products to billions of people.

It’s not enough anymore to just be a good business person, or smart entrepreneur. Schmidt’s Natural as brands need to have purpose and a mission. And to Michael, Schmidt’s Natural has a responsibility to magnify the voice and demands of its customers that will make a difference. It’s doubly rewarding to have a thriving business that people love while also making an impact on the world. Let’s use our influence to evoke change!