Types of personnel services explained

Types of personnel services explained

Personnel companies help organizations with their labor needs. There are mainly three types of personnel services offered by Personnel Management Companies:

Temporary staff service

As the name implies, temporary staffing services meet the short-term needs of investment organizations. Temporary staffing helps companies fill vacant positions for absent employees or supplement existing staff during times of heavy workload. Temporary staffing enables organizations to meet the challenges of their work with minimal overall human resource expenditures and avoiding lengthy recruitment and appraisal processes. The huge savings made make temporary staff an attractive alternative to permanent work.

Long-term staff/project service

Long-term personnel services involve placing employees in a long-term assignment, for which no time period is defined. This type of staffing needs is common in the professional and technical sectors, where staff are required from one project to another. It makes more sense that these organizations outsource on a per-project basis rather than on a permanent basis, in order to avoid the inactivity of human resources.

Hiring service of temporary/permanent staff to hire

This type of personnel service is a combination of temporary and permanent jobs. The temporary recruitment service allows a company to hire an employee on a temporary basis for evaluation purposes. If the employee meets his requirements, he can take the employee to his payroll. This type of personnel service offers the company a safe alternative to permanent hiring and allows it to critically evaluate the skills and management capabilities of the employee in question.

Most personnel companies offer all these types of personnel services. You will also find specialized agencies offering industry-specific personnel services.