What to Expect From a Top Flight Trade Show Exhibit Company

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But what can you expect to find in the high-end prototypical trade show exhibit house? Look for complete display capability from a single, uncomplicated, full-service source, from concept to final production. Look for a company that offers a wide range of trade show displays, ranging from custom and low-cost modular booths to custom-designed displays that can occupy thousands of square feet.


As a unique resource, this fully integrated trade show exhibit house could meet all your needs by providing a turnkey trade show exhibit service that includes every possible step of its appearance before and after the fair. The “Dream Team” of the show should consist of a team of talented exhibit design consultants, graphic designers, project managers and event coordinators, experts in creating their flawless show experience. You can choose what you want in this options menu.


Today, you must expect these exhibition professionals to design an innovative booth with sophisticated graphics and worry-free event planning, as well as meticulous care and complete storage of the properties of your exhibition.


The trade show industry has come a long way. In the past, the exhibition stand was purchased as a custom build or as a “ready to use” unit, with the exhibitor taking care of the details. As the trade show industry has matured, exhibitors have become more sophisticated and salon companies are meeting all customer requirements. In the early 1980s, when the industry began to evolve, many trade show exhibition companies began offering a portable/modular booth for trade shows, offering mobility and flexibility to exhibitors who often moved from one trade fair to another. living room to another. This experience helped them customize products and design exhibits that incorporate unique graphics, contemporary materials and structural refinements.


Experienced trade show display companies have progressively evolved to offer spectacular and unique stands to clients wishing to dominate the floor of an exhibition hall with a spectacular exhibition occupying thousands of square feet. During the transition, the use of new finishes, fabrics and lightweight structural materials resulted in a substantial reduction in handling costs. Savings in terms of loading, installation and disassembly, drayage, storage and restoration have helped to cover the costs of these new exposures.


With new experience and innovation in trade shows, leading exhibiting companies such as the Las Vegas show booth company can serve exhibitors where and when they want to exhibit. With a network of exhibition partners providing design, construction and exhibition services in more than a hundred locations around the world, a trade show house can now meet the needs of more complex exhibitors and more demanding.